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UK decides AI still cannot patent inventions
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UK decides AI still cannot patent inventions
UK decides AI still cannot patent inventions

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The UK's Intellectual Property Office has decided artificial-intelligence systems cannot patent inventions for the time being.

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Patents assign the ownership of a new invention to its creator.

A recent IPO consultation found many experts doubted AI was currently able to invent without human assistance.

Current law allowed humans to patent inventions made with AI assistance, the government said, despite "misperceptions" this was not the case.

The judges sided, by a two-to-one majority, with the IPO, which had told him to list a real person as the inventor.

"Only a person can have rights - a machine cannot," wrote Lady Justice Laing in her judgement.

"A patent is a statutory right and it can only be granted to a person."

But the IPO also said it would "need to understand how our IP system should protect AI-devised inventions in the future" and committed to advancing international discussions, with a view to keeping the UK competitive.

In July 2021, in a case also brought by Mr Thaler, an Australian court decided AI systems could be recognised as inventors for patent purposes.

Days earlier, South Africa had issued a similar ruling.

However, the Australian decision was later overturned on appeal.
07-02-2022 12:46 PM
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